Belarus parliament endorses bill on fighting extremism

MINSK, October 11 (Itar-Tass) -- The Belarussian parliament on Wednesday endorsed the bill on fighting extremism. "The bill is of huge social importance and is called upon to nip crimes of extremism in the bud," Vladimir Borshchov, member of the parliamentary commission on national security, told parliament, presenting the bill.

The bill sums up extremism as actions aimed to undermine state security, forcibly change the constitutional system, seize power, create illegal armed formations, and stage terrorist activities. Besides, it covers the stirring up of racial, national and religious strife, rioting, and public calls for such activities and their financing.

In order to cut short extremist actions, the bill envisages official warning about the impermissibility of extremist activities, outlawing such activities and the subsequent liquidation of such organizations.

Under the bill, Belarus will cooperate in fighting terrorism with foreign states, law enforcing bodies and security services.

The president and the government supervise actions to oppose extremism.