Foreign Minister promises further help to Belarussian opposition

Prague, Oct 10 (CTK) - Foreign Minister Alexandr Vondra has promised further support to the Belarussian opposition, he said after meeting with Belarussian opposition leader Alyaksander Milinkevich on Tuesday.

Vondra said the Czech Republic would offer more scholarships for persecuted students.

At present, about 60 Belarussians who cannot study in their homeland over their political views attend Czech universities. Their number could be increased to 80.

Milinkevich appreciated the attitude of Czech diplomacy. He said the Czech Republic was one of the countries in the European Union that support democratic forces in Belarus the most. But Milinkevich said that the EU as a whole could do more for Belarus.

Vondra said that the EU should simplify the visa regime with Belarus and lower the price of visas. He said that EU countries should also support the project of a European radio for Belarus more.

Vondra today also met the Dalai Lama. "The Dalai Lama is a voice that represents a great part of the inhabitants of China and it is therefore necessary to listen to him," Vondra said after the meeting.

Both Milinkevich and the Dalai Lama participated in the Forum 2000 conference, which concluded Tuesday in Prague.