Belarus KGB overlooks local fascists

The head of Vitsebsk city organization of the United Civil Party Alena Zalesskaya has received an answer from the Belarus KGB (State Security Committee) concerning her complaints about threats against her by Russian National Unity (RNE) members, online paper Khartiya'97 reports. As the head of the KGB in Vitsebsk region Vladimir Palyashchuk said, "as a result of investigation" it was established that the organization Russian National Unity is not registered by Justice Ministry or justice department of Vitsebsk regional executive committee. No persons belonging to RNE have been found in Vitsebsk region, the KGB letter states.

The head of the KGB department hadn't found threats in the letter send to Zalesskaya by RNE. An analogous answer was received by Alena Zalesskaya from the KGB of Belarus.

Khartiya'97 reminds of a letter from RNE members that was received July 10 by the head of Vitsebsk branch of the United Civil Party. The letter was addressed to her and other party members. "At the territory of Belarus Alyaksandr Lukashenka purposefully exterminates all who are undesirable to the Russians. That is why Russian National Unity supports him and would help him in this necessary cause. Until it's not too late, leave your corrupted opposition and join us, clear Russian people. In case you would disagree, our actions would follow".

The same letter with threats was received by the editorial office of the newspaper Vitebskiy Kurjer, according to the online paper.