Russia-Belarus Union State undergoing complicated period - Lukashenko

MINSK. Oct 31 (Interfax) - Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko has voiced dissatisfaction with the construction of the Russia-Belarus Union State and is preparing to discuss the future of the union with the Russian authorities.

"Today we are undergoing a certain period in the construction of the Union State. I would not say that the period is simple, and maybe you have noticed that there is no clear understanding of what should be done today or tomorrow," the president said at a meeting with governor of Russia's Stavropol territory Alexander Chernogorov on Tuesday in Minsk.

"We have downgraded to a discussion of economic integration. Should the issue be raised in this way, the customs union is not enough for us," he said.

"I do not understand why Russia is building a border with Belarus? Should this be Russia's strategy, they should tell us about it honestly," the president said.

"In this case, we will begin building a customs border the way it is in your country, and you will be able to deploy border guards within two days. We know that everything is prepared for this in Russia," Lukashenko said.

The president said that he does not understand why Russia states the necessity to construct the Union State whilst "at the same time hindering the process."

"Despite what is happening in interstate relations, there are more positive ascpects in our relations," he said. Notwithstanding the problems in the construction of the Union State "one thing remains invariable: no-one will be able to change our relations."

"Belarus has never raised the issue of turning left, right or to the West. We are in the middle of Europe, and we will cooperate with all European states, should they wish to do so," he said.

Belarus "understands the role of the Untied States in the world and gives credit to it; however, the country does not crawl in the face of the huge state as many do," he said. "But we are not going to clash or confront each other in the diplomatic arena," Lukashenko said.