Belarussian opposition holds remembrance rally in Kuropaty.

MINSK, October 29 (Itar-Tass) -- The Belarussian opposition has held a Dzyady remembrance rally in Kuropaty near Minsk, where people were executed in the Stalin repression years in the 1930s.

About 300 members of the Conservative-Christian Party of the Belarussian Popular Front and other opposition organizations appealed for retaining the independence of Belarus and resisting the attempts of "certain forces to put economic pressure on the country and make it dependent on energy supplies."

Some speakers called for boycotting municipal elections in January 2007 and a possible referendum on the constitutional act of the Russia-Belarus Union.

Conservative-Christian Party leader Zenon Poznyak, who has been in political immigration in the United States for the past decade, sent an appeal to the rally participants.

The rally participants laid flowers to the Cross of Suffering and installed 12 new crosses in the memory of Stalin repression victims.

The action was authorized by the city administration.