KGB of Belarus Chairman believes leading oppositionist does not deserve Sakharov Prize

The former Belarus presidential candidate, oppositionist Alexander Milinkevich is not a worthy candidate for the human rights protection prize of Andrey Sakharov, Chairman of the State Security Committee of Belarus Stepan Sukhorenko announced, news agency Interfax reports. Plenary session of the European Parliament named Alexander Milinkevich a winner of the Sakharov Prize for 2006.

"I am speaking not as as a citizen, not a head of an agency: probably Europe has become scanty if there is nobody else to be nominated to Sakharov's prize," the Belarus KGB Chairman told journalists today, according to Interfax. Suhorenko also said that the western countries had been constantly interested in the internal policy of Belarus, especially before elections. "Interference in internal affairs of the state does not stop, the same as financing of opposition; it is shown only to a greater or lesser extent, and we always have sufficient work", Sukhorenko marked.