What Will Bring Armenia And Belarus Closer?

Prime Ministers of Armenia and Byelorussia Point out Number of Issues for Fruitful Cooperation

The delegation of statesmen headed by Sergey Sidorski, Prime Minister of Byelorussia, is currently paying a working visit to Armenia.

Before meeting with RA Prime Minister Andranik Margarian, the delegation of Belarus statesmen met with RA President Robert Kocharian. After the meetings, both delegations signed a number of memorandums.

After signing the memorandums, the Prime Ministers of both countries touched upon the results of the meetings at a joint press conference. Andranik Margarian said that they have shaped stable legal grounds for fruitful cooperation between our countries. He added that the sides have signed about forty agreements.

Sergey Sidorski stated that the goods turnover between our countries is gradually growing. As of January-July, 2006, it made $ 14 million, as compared with the indicator of the last year that totaled to $15 million. He added that after the last visit of RA PM to Belarus five years ago, the goods turnover between our countries grew by 6,4 times. At the same time, Mr. Sidorski stated that there are still great capacity for developing the cooperation between Armenia and Byelorussia, taking into account the fact that the total annual commodity turnover of Belarus surpasses $30 billion.

Besides, Mr. Sidorski pointed out the spheres that his country is interested in. In particular, he mentioned the spheres of jewelry, brandy production, IT and machinery production. He informed that "Belshina" company is going to sign an agreement with its Armenian partner. Moreover, the office of Belarus producers of medical equipment and medicine are going to open their office in Armenia, soon. The Belarus "Belaz" tracks are used in the mining industry. The center for their technical service will also be opened in Yerevan. The sides are to cooperate in the sphere of energetics, as well. Mr. Margarian also emphasized the importance of the Belarus agricultural equipment for Armenia.

By Ara Martirosian