Belarusian KGB Plays Down Neo-Nazi Threat to Opposition Party Activist

The Vitebsk region KGB responded to a complaint by a local opposition party activist that she had received a death threat from the neo-Nazi organization Russian National Unity (RNU) by claiming that the RNU does not exist in that region, according to an October 5, 2006 report by the Charter 97 opposition web site. In July, the head of the Vitebsk city branch of the United Citizens Party?Elena Zalesskaya?received a threatening letter signed by the RNU, which read, in part:

?The respected [president of Belarus] Aleksandr Grigorevich Lukashenko is systematically destroying all enemies of Russians on the territory of Belarus. That is why the RNU is supporting him and will help him in this necessary task. Leave your corrupt organization before it?s too late and join us?the pure Russian nation. If you refuse, our actions will follow.?

Harassing phone calls to Ms. Zalesskaya?s home then followed.

The regional KGB finally responded with a letter stating that no organization calling itself the RNU is registered with the local authorities and that no activists from that group have been detected by the KGB.

?The fact that the RNU is not officially registered we already knew without the help of the KGB,? Ms. Zalesskaya said. ?But the KGB should be worried about the fact that fascists are active. Yes, there haven?t been any killings yet, but the threats are there. Are we going to wait until there are killings, beatings, arsons and explosions??