Iran-Belarus emphasize on developing ties

Service: Foreign Policy

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TEHRAN, Oct.22 (ISNA)-Iran's President asserted on the development of mutual ties with Belarus, in a meeting that took place between Iran's President and the Belarusian foreign minister.

While recognizing the relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Belarus as friendly and close and also noting the common political and economic views of the two countries, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asserted on the enhancement of mutual ties with Belarus in various fields like energy, industry, commerce and defense industry.

Also while noting that the polarized world system today was imposing pressure on all the countries, especially independent ones, he stated that the cooperation between friendly countries was necessary to distort this unfair system.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran plans to maintain full ties with independent countries like Belarus in mutual and multidimensional fields," declared Ahmadinejad.

Also while noting the up coming visit of the Belarusian President to Iran, Ahmadinejad expressed hope that in this visit firm steps for the development of ties would be taken and that the Belarusian President's visit to Tehran would become the turning point of the Iran-Belarus cooperation.

For his part, Sergey Martinov recognized the various fields of Iran-Belarus cooperation as appropriate and stated that the two countries had common views about the present polarizing world system.

Also while criticizing this system, Martinov said that his country was ready to enhance ties with Iran in order to distort and change the structure of this polarized system," he concluded.