KGB of Belarus: radical oppositional candidates are financed by the West

Vasily Dementey, the First Deputy Chairman of the KGB of Belarus has announced that the Belarus special services have been fixing the facts of financing by the West of the Belarus opposition, daily Telegraf writes. According to the representative of the secret services, the KGB traces the situation on the eve of local elections, as oppositional candidates are actively working to get seats in the local councils, the paper says.

"We have been fixing the help from the West, including financial assistance. We stop such displays and we shall stop them in future", the daily is quoting Dementey as saying. In his opinion, Belarus opposition actively advances the radical candidates. Belarus service of Radio Liberty, referring to news agency Interfax, reports that Dementey has publicly promised to pay attention to foreign interference in the electoral campaign.

The First Deputy Chairman of the KGB of Belarus has also informed that Belarus will support actions of the Russian authorities and will not receive in its territory citizens of Georgia, deported from the Russian Federation.

Earlier, before the presidential elections, the head of Belarus KGB, Stepan Sukhorenko, declared that secret services had revealed a script of capture of power by force by radical opposition after the presidential elections. According to the KGB investigators, the script of the opposition contained a plan of holding in the centre of Minsk of mass meeting, during which "it was planned to blow up explosives in the crowd". Stepan Suhorenko declared that the signal to start the provocation should become a provocative appeal of the leaders of the non-registered non-governmental organization Partnership that wanted to carry out parallel monitoring of the elections.