Iranian, Belarusian Parliamentary Delegations Meet

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian parliament members dispatched to the 115th IPU summit in Geneva discussed issues of mutual interest with Belarusian and Venezuelan lawmakers in separate meetings on Wednesday.

During the meeting with the Belarusian parliament members, head of Iran's IPU delegation Heshmatollah Felahat-pisheh noted the two countries' desirable ties and said that following the developments which took place in the eastern and western blocs, Belarus was among those states which safeguarded its independent policies.

"And that formed a good basis for Iran-Belarus cordial ties and desirable relations," he continued.

He also stressed that exchange of visits by the two countries' political and parliamentary officials has positive effects on the increasing development of the existing relations.

For his part, the Belarusian MP described his country's relations with the Islamic Republic as strategic and vitally important, adding that Belarus attaches much importance to the boosting of political, economic and trade ties with Iran.

Elsewhere in a separate meeting with the Venezuelan parliamentary delegation, Felahat-pisheh termed Iran's nuclear activities transparent and peaceful, stressing that Iran is decisive to continue its present path despite all the belligerent moves by the West, led by the US.

Also during the meeting, the head of the Venezuelan Parliamentary delegation viewed his country's relations with Iran as brotherly and cordial and stressed the need for the increasing development of ties between the two states.

He described the United States' hostile attitude towards the Iranian and Venezuelan nations as a point shared by the two countries, and reiterated that the George Bush's United States is the real Axis of Evil in the world.

The MP underlined that Venezuela perceives any kind of danger posed to Iran as a common threat.

He also voiced Venezuela's strong support for Iran's peaceful nuclear activities.

He also viewed oil, gas and agricultural industries as among those areas where the two sides can increase the existing level of their cooperation.

To conclude his words, the lawmaker stressed the need for the boosting of ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Venezuela.