Lithuanian public prosecutors arrived to Belarus to examine circumstances of security officer's death

Employees of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Lithuania, investigating circumstances of death of Lithuanian diplomat and state security officer Vytautas Pociunas, have arrived to Belarus for acquaintance with evidence of public prosecutors of the Brest area, news agency ELTA reports.

The Belarus law enforcement bodies have finished investigation of circumstances of death of the Lithuanian state security officer and diplomat Vytautas Pociounas. On October 6, the Brest Office of Public Prosecutor made a decision to not initiate a criminal case on the fact of death of the Lithuanian diplomat. They say that the collected data allow making conclusion that Pociunas was killed as a result of an accident. Studying of circumstances of the diplomat's death has been stopped.

The Chief Public Prosecutor of the Investigatory Department of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on the organized crime and corruption, Algimantas Kljunka, told the journalists that Lithuania had preliminary prepared an additional inquiry about legal aid and had sent it to Belarus. The message contains a request to allow the Lithuanian public prosecutors to familiarize with the evidence of Belarus side. The consent of the Belarus counterpart was received on October 10, ELTA says.

The Chief Public Prosecutor does not predict yet, when Lithuania will finish studying circumstances of Pociunas' death. According to Kljunka, both versions - an accident and a murder are examined. The public prosecutor has not answered, what version the Lithuanian inspectors are tending to.