Lukashenka Proposes to Produce Oil and Gas Jointly with Azerbaijan

Source: Trend
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"Belarus and Azerbaijan have capacities to implement joint projects in development of oil and gas fields, as well as producing them", Alexander Lukashenka, Byelorussian President has told today during the meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, trend reports referring to Belta.

According to the Byelorussian leader, today, during the meeting between the two Presidents, the Byelorussian party received "Azerbaijan`s principal support to the Byelorussian efforts in this regard". Mr. Lukashenka considers bilateral cooperation between Belarus and Azerbaijan in oil and gas field as perspective. "Large oil and gas fields are available in Azerbaijan. Belarus, has a modern strong oil and chemical complex. All that is the basis where our relations in the field of energy might be developed with mutual benefit", stressed the Byelorussian President.

He told that the Byelorussian party is very interested in increasing the volumes of oil transaction, including the Caspian Oil to go via Belarus. "We are ready to provide all the necessary infrastructure of pipeline transportation to carry the Caspian oil to the Baltic and Poland", said Mr. Lukashenka.

The Byelorussian President also told that at present, serious projects on constructing facilities aimed at assembling Byelorussian tractors in Azerbaijan are under consideration. Mr. Lukashenka stressed on the development of cooperation and organization of joint production facilities on the basis of the Belarus` and Azerbaijan`s potentials and called them important. According to the Byelorussian leader, Azerbaijan is interested in constructing facilities to assemble Byelorussian tractors and other agricultural machinery on its territory. "Azerbaijan needs to develop its agriculture. And we should support Azerbaijan in this issue", he said.

At the same time, he stressed that "Azerbaijan's market will be very strong within the next 5-7 years, because the State Budget supports all the programs". "We should make money there, and we have all we need for it", the Head of the Byelorussian State assured. He also added that with entering the Azerbaijani market, Byelorussia can develop its trade and economic relations with the neighboring to Azerbaijan countries.