Belarus Girl: Giusto Family Did Not Request Adoption

(AGI) - Genoa, Oct 2 - "The Giusto family never requested adoption", informed Minister for education Aleksandr Radkov. In a note lawyer Perugini specified that "the declarations were triggered by a retrospective analysis of the whole issue, in which the couple, had they presented formal request for adoption (simplified by privileged procedures between Italy and Belarus) they today would have maybe even concluded the international adoption procedure by now. If the Giusto family wanted to establish durable relations with the girl in the future there is only one way to do so, the legal way, international adoption. The request is to be evaluated by competent authorities, no option can be excluded at the current state of the arts but legal provisions have to be respected. In the same way as they are respected for other adoption proceedings under way". The Minister also had said that the "Vileika institution has not at all resulted to be as negative as the Giusto family described it and it is in any case sure that the girl will not be sent back to Vileika", (agi) -