Conference of CIS secret services heads ended in Belarus capital, Belarus to strengthen KGB

Belarus is going to strengthen its Committee of State Security (KGB), announced Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, during a meeting with the heads of the delegations participating at the VII Session of Meeting of Heads of the CIS memberstates'security and intelligence services in Minsk, local news agency BELTA reports. Lukashenko also said that under condition of development by the KGB of a corresponding program this agency would receive all necessary assistance and funding. Lukashenko stressed that without powerful secret services today it is impossible to provide security of any state, even a nuclear power. President of Belarus particularly stressed that in the CIS framework it was necessary to create original uniform space for the activity of the law-enforcement bodies and secret services.

In the conditions of dynamical change of character of threats to the international security the question on consolidation of efforts of the CIS secret services on the widest spectrum of problems is as never urgent, Lukashenko said. He marked that the necessity of integration in this sphere is dictated by the realities of a life and convincingly proved to be true by the world practice, BELTA writes.

Counteraction to the international terrorism, religious extremism and transnational criminality, struggle against illegal circulation of drugs, weapons, radioactive and explosive material - those were the issues among the discussed topics.

Lukashenko ascertained, that the US "are making extreme efforts to strengthening the national security", however, at the same time "we are afraid to speak about strengthening the force of the secret services".

Lukashenko specified that joint reaction of secret services to any arising threat concerns synchronization of legal, information, operative, technical and other mechanisms of their work.

Press service of the Belarus leader has informed BELTA that Belarus will chair the CIS memberstates' Council of Heads of Security and Intelligence Services since 2007. The present Chairman of the Council, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of Russia, Sergey Lebedev, noted a high level of interaction and close cooperation between Russian and Belarus colleagues in the security sphere. He paid attention to that fact that today the threat in information sphere is very acute, BELTA writes. Lebedev underlined the role of joint efforts in this connection, saying that a major problem of the CIS countries' security and foreign intelligence services is to operate consolidated, actively increasing mutual information exchange.

According to the participants of the conference, there are already many successful examples of joint actions of secret services of the CIS countries acting against external threats, BELTA adds. As it was especially noted, many high-ranking officials and officers of the security services and foreign intelligence of the CIS countries in due time studied in Minsk.