Belarus: Respect for cultural diversity is key to human rights observation

Tehran, Sept 3, IRNA

Belarus Foreign Minister Sergei Martinov said here Monday that respect for cultural diversity is the key to global observation of human rights and freedom and is the cornerstone of democratic societies.

"Efforts should be made to build multi-polar international relations and such a duty should not be entrusted to future generation," Martinov told reporters on the sidelines of the NAM Ministerial Meeting on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity (September 3-4).

Martinov said the time has come to reach the understanding that democracy is not an inflexible concept and human rights should be democratized. "Within this framework, people should respect each other."

He said his country has always favored dialogue coupled with mutual respect and settlement of unresolved global problems.

He added that NAM states can have influential effect in making key decisions.

"We should support and protect NAM states so that they cannot be exposed to pressure from the big powers, otherwise we would have to endure much pressure."

The conference provides a suitable opportunity for dialogue among nations, he added.