Belshina: Growth Through Investment

The Republic of Belarus has experienced robust economic growth in recent years, with the latest figures showing a growth in GDP of nearly seven per cent. The economy is highly industrialised, with exports playing a crucial part in the growth in prosperity. One of the largest enterprises in Belarus - indeed, one of the largest in Europe - is the Belshina Open Joint-Stock Company. The tyre manufacturer operates three factories, covering an area of 173.6 hectares and employs around 12,000 staff, producing more than 200 sizes and types of tyre, from passenger car up to giant tyres for mining and construction machinery.

Belshina sells tyres on both the replacement and OE markets, having a number of OE contracts with local and foreign vehicle manufacturers across all sectors. (Valtra, Brazil - tractor manufacturer; Terex Equipment Ltd., Scotland - mining and construction machinery manufacturer; Belaz, Belarus - mining machinery; MAZ, Belarus - trucks, KAMAZ, Russia - trucks; MTZ, Belarus - tractors).