Belarus - President Alexander Lukashenko meets with the governors of Brest Region and Gomel Region

On July 7 President Alexander Lukashenko met with the governors of Brest Region and Gomel Region who delivered their reports on the current social and economic situation in these regions and on the beginning of the harvest of grain crops.

According to the reports, everything necessary has been put in place this year to ensure a good harvest of grain crops. The President gave orders to make sure the harvest campaign is carried out within the shortest possible period. It is important, he said, that all the regions of Belarus should commence the harvest campaign no later than by July 20. Beginning from that date, the President will personally check the progress in the harvest campaign in the regions. "It is important to hit the right time and begin the harvest as soon as it is possible. The reasons for this are, first of all, weather conditions that do not allow us wasting time. The grain is good, and we need to crop it," said Alexander Lukashenko.

The Head of State also paid attention to the need for creating a convenient working and living environment for the rural toilers working in the field.


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