Should Belarus hand Kurmanbek Bakiyev over to Kyrgyzstan?

Bishkek - News Agency "", by Aizada KUTUEVA

After the April events in Kyrgyzstan, ex- President Kurmanbek S. Bakiyev became an overnight pariah in his native homeland and was forced to flee the country. He received a shelter in Belarus. Many Kyrgyzstanis irritate over it and demand to hand Bakiyev over to Kyrgyzstan. news agency is going to find out from its respondents whether Belarus should hand Kurmanbek Bakiyev over to Kyrgyzstan or not?

Dinara Oshurakhuniva, Coalition Header "For Democracy and Civil Society":

- Oh, I do not know, it is very difficult question. On the one hand, I am very sorry for the President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, in fact it is very difficult to experience grief - to lose the country and people's trust at once. It is scary. But on the other hand - he does not admit his guilt. Well what of it? Supposing Lukashenko will extradite him, so what? Torn to pieces? I believe that everything should be within international law. If he violates our rights, we should be above it, not to violate his rights.

Nazgul Turdubekova, Head of the Public Association "League of child rights advocates" :

- The law says that Belarus should extradite the ex-President Bakiyev. Nevertheless, current government in Kyrgyzstan is not legitimate, so there is a danger that he would not receive a fair trial. Perhaps, after legitimization of new authorities, this question can be raised once again.

Aleksandr Shepelenko, a reporter:

- Of course, Belarus should back President Kurmanbek Bakiyev home. But one never can tell you, will it happen or not. It is clear, that the ex-president will not stay there long. Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov noted that it is only a policy of human involvement. Lukashenko monitors statements of the world community. A word "idiot" is translated from Greek as a quite a character. Thus Lukashenko can be called so.

Asel Tashmamatova, a student of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, 23:

- The law says it should. He should be responsible for his deeds. Who knows will whether come into action or not!?

Our judicial system is completely corrupt and incapable to a fair decision. It is better to remain there. From the fact that he will be here, nobody will find a relief. On the contrary, there will be more noise and chaos.

Kalicha Umuraliyeva, Public Fund "Our Right":

- Then tell me please, Aizada, do you need Kurmanbek Bakiyev? I do not. What will it give to the country? Should we execute him or pull to pieces? He is about 60 and in poor health. What about his young children? So let then return the first President of the Kyrgyz Republic Askar Akayev and put them in neighboring wards.

I think we need to organize the people's court, so that people, who have suffered from Bakiyev's family, will express all their grievances and will receive at least a moral satisfaction. You can submit all information to the Great Britain, Belarus as evidence.

Mikhail Doronin, a resident of Tokmak city, pensioner:

- Yes, it should, Belarus must extradite ousted president and his son. We must judge them for stolen millions.

Timur Shaikhutdinov, a member of Liberal Youth Club:

- Kyrgyzstan shall give the international community a clear justification of the ex-president's guilt. Only then, there will be a chance for his extradition. But another question, the investigating authorities in Kyrgyzstan are not ready for a fair trial yet. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to wait for the election of the legitimate parliament and then raise this issue. Kurmanbek Bakiyev should come up for trial.


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