Belarus ratifies Customs Union's Customs Code - Lukashenko

MINSK, July 3 (Itar-Tass) -- Belarus has ratified all agreements concerning the Customs Union, Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said.

"Up to date we have ratified all treaties and agreements concerning the Customs Union," Lukashenko told journalists on Saturday. "We have ratified the Customs Code. And we are now in the same system of coordinates as they [Russia, Kazakhstan] are," he added.

The Belarusian parliament on Wednesday ratified the agreement on the Customs Code of the Customs Union, a source close to the Russian government said.

However Russia has so far not received an official confirmation of the ratification, the Prime-Tass business news agency reported.

The ratification of the Customs Code was not on the agenda of the parliament's session on Wednesday. It was the last sitting of the Belarusian parliament's spring session. The draft law on the ratification of the Customs Code was submitted to the Belarusian parliament on June 8. On June 10, it was included in the agenda.


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