Belarus, Young and Sexy

It is, isn't it.

Today is the National holiday of Belarus. It's a beautiful, sunny day with untypically gorgeous weather, people in the streets are peaceful and relaxed as usual.

On these summer days Belarusian cities are full of flowers, blooming in the baskets on lamp posts and in flowerbeds in the shape of labyrinths and peacocks. Public transport and buildings are dressed in the colours of the national flag: red and green. And even the two prominent colours of the rainbow on the billboards "Я  Беларусь!" (I  Belarus!) are red and green.

Summer becomes Belarus. That's when you clearly see that politicians, conflicts, problems, they all come and go. Whether you associate yourself with the regime or not, you love your country. Notorious tolerance of Belarusians always has another, a very modern side: we accept a different point of view (eg. of Belarusian wisdom: 'Sure, God exists, we just don't believe in him'), we are modest and self-sufficient and absolutely not aggressive in our individualism. Actually all European values start with tolerance, and we have it.

Nobody knows us, nobody loves us? It's their problem. A country can't be absolutely independent, anyhow, it's impossible to be independent from money, and there are less and less cultural differences between countries. But Belarusians exist happily, a humble nation, who knows to work, has a sense of duty and responsibility, knows to enjoy small things, knows that money can't buy everything, a good-tempered and wilful people.

And if you have a look at the map, you'll see that Belarus is not only the geographical heart of Europe. It also has the shape of a heart.


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