Belarus to finish the mass harvesting works in 10-12 days

Belarus will finish the mass grains and leguminous plants harvesting campaign in 10-12 days, announced Vasiliy Pavlovskiy, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, on July 28.

Besides, the Deputy Minister noticed that the remaining crops at fields should be harvested in spite of everything, because agrarians can loose grain sowings in the terms of possible delays.

While talking about grain yield in the present year, the Deputy Minister noticed that the average yield in the country totals 30-31 c/ha, down 7 c/ha compared to previous years. Droughts affected spring grain sowings, which were sowed in rather late terms. Mogilev and Vitebsk oblasts faced the largest damages from the droughts.

While talking about the quality of harvested grains, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food announced that in the current year grain nature is rather good, and wheat shows good gluten content indices. The purchasing volumes of wheat with high gluten content from abroad will decrease, compared to the previous years.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister disclaimed to forecast the volume of harvest-2010. Due to the fact, he noticed that the country harvested only 46% from the general harvesting area, and it is too early to make any certain forecasts.


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