Exhibition presents stories of Czech Jews deported to Belarus

Prague, July 28 (CTK) - The stories of Czech Jews deported to Belarusian ghettoes and extermination camps are presented in an exhibition of the Prague Jewish Museum that will open on July 29, its curator Jana Splichalova told journalists yesterday.

"Seven trains transported nearly 7000 people to Belarus and only 22 of them survived to see the end of the war," Splichalova said.

The exhibition presents the three main places where Jews were imprisoned: the Minsk ghetto, Maly Trostinets death camp and Baranovichi railway station.

The visitors can read testimonies of four Jewish prisoners and of Nazi officers and locals who collaborated with the Nazis.

"It is a certain confrontation of the perpetrators and their victims," Splichalova said.

"This exhibition is a symbolic tombstone for victims who mostly do not have a real tomb," Michal Frankl, from the museum's Holocaust History section, said.

The exhibition is the last part of a project focusing on Nazi camps in eastern Europe.

The first exhibition showed the deportation to the camps in the Baltic states in 2005, the second presented the transport to Poland in 2007.

Splichalova said Belarus was the last to highlight because it was difficult to find photographs and other materials on the camps.

Within a single year, from October 1941 to October 1942, some 50,000 Jews were transported to camps in the Baltic states, Poland and Belarus. Only 549 of them survived.

The exhibition on Belarusian camps will be opened till January 30, 2011.


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