Belarus: grain quality is high

The qualitative parameters of new crop grains in Belarus are high, announced Peter Solyankin, the Head of the State Grain Inspection.

According to the analysis, new crop grains have rather high level of gluten content. And it is the main qualitative factor of Belarusian grains, influencing baking capacities.

For example, grains, which came from Mogilevsk, Brest and Grodnensk oblasts, has high content of gluten - 29%, 26% and 24% respectively. At the same time, gluten content of 3-grade wheat from the regions corresponds to the second quality group.

Meanwhile, in the current year, agricultural enterprises of the country will pay more attention to grain cleaning, stated the Head of the State Grain Inspection. Due to increased weed estimation of fields, the new crop grains face more impurities compared to the previous years. At the same time, the specialists of the State Grain Inspection prepare more detailed new crop grain quality analysis with recommendations for farming enterprises about grain treatment.


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