No information war between Russia and Belarus - Putin

FOROS, Ukraine, July 25 (Itar-Tass) - Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that there's no information war between Russia and Belarus.

"I don't see any information war," Putin told Russian journalists after talks with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich held in Foros, the Crimea, on July 24.

"I read few periodicals and I don't read much of the electronic press on a daily basis. But I don't see any signs of war or any kind of military hostilities. So it's not accidental that I am wondering about casualties," Putin said with a smile.

"The press often reacts sharply to certain things related to me, the incumbent president of Russia and other political leaders. We often see very sharp articles. But does it mean war?" the Russian prime minister asked.

"Unfortunately, our colleagues often think, whenever they see this kind of articles, that they have been prompted by something. But this is not so," Putin said.

He believes that the best way to react to this kind of materials, if someone considers them to be unfair, is to respond to them also in the information space. These people can present their arguments to the authors of the articles, which they regard to be unfair. I don't even understand what we are talking about," Putin emphasized.


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