Belarus to have an opportunity to grow malting barley

The Head of the Semper Company from Belgium, expert in cultivation of malting barley, Robert Persen, who controls the process of barley growing in industry fields of the Heineken company in Belarus declared that the country may grow high-quality malting barley.

Besides, according to the expert, at present the Heineken company submitted an application for testing and certification of three new grades of barley: Manri, Kangu, Strife. These grades are superior in their parameters to those, which Belarus applies now. The yield is up 25%, stated R.Persen. According to him, new grades of barley will be tested during two years.

He also declared that at present the Heineken company applies grades Xanadu, Pasadena and Philadelphia within the frames of the program of grain growing in own industry zones. The expert informed that the yield totals 3.5-4 t/ha in the enterprises growing these grades of barley.


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