Belarus to start harvesting of grains

On 18 July, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus informed that the local farmers started large-scale harvesting campaign of grains. The Ministry reminded that harvesting is large-scale, if the country harvested throughout 5% of harvesting area. As of July 18, the country harvested grains and legumes plants throughout 123.3 thsd ha, which is 5.1% from the harvesting area.

Belarus produced 384.9 thsd tonnes of grains. The yield totals 31.3 c/ha. Favorable weather conditions allowed to start large-scale harvesting of grains earlier, than last year (in 2009 harvesting campaign started on July 27). Agrarians should harvest grains in maximum tight schedule. Accomplish this the enterprises are provided with the necessary machinery and fuel. At the same time high speed of harvesting should not have an impact on its quality. This year agrarians should harvest grains and legumes plants throughout 2437 thsd ha. The forecast for grain harvest is about 10 mln tonnes.


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