Belarus has no plans to raise tariffs on container transportation

According to Mr Pavel Bozhanov head of the strategic development, coordination and investing in transport systems of the Belarus Ministry for Transport and Communications in the near future Belarus has no plans to raise tariffs on container cargo transportations.

The official of the Transport Ministry noted that the Belarusian Railways conducts a flexible tariff policy. So, the transit via Belarus is growing. He added that "The tariffs on container cargo transportations will be not raised in the near future."

Mr Pavel Bozhanov said the Belarusian tariff policy is interconnected with the neighboring countries including Russia and the Baltic states. He said that at present the Belarusian Railways is developing a project to modernize cargo terminals in order to transform them into up-to-date transport and logistics centers. The Belarusian Railways will purchase special equipment to attract transit cargoes, reload containers.


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