Belarus - President Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with the top management of Riko Group

On July 15 President Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with the top management of Riko Group (Slovenia).

Riko has been doing business in Belarus for over ten years now and has proved to be a reliable and trustworthy partner, the President said. 'I have recently studied your proposals concerning new projects and I have found them interesting. We are ready to work with you on all of them,' said the President. 'We are well aware of the high quality of your work, and all that there is left for us to discuss is the matter of price .'

A range of projects in manufacturing has already been proposed by some international investors, and the Belarusian Government has already studied those proposals. But if Riko quotes a better price, the preference will be given to this Slovenian company.

'I think what lies ahead of us is more efficient and more diverse co-operation. I am interested in projects in the spheres of energy, ecology and infrastructure development. The main thing is that they should be cost-effective,' said Alexander Lukashenko. He has also expressed his interest in Riko's proposal on joint export to third countries.

'We are ready to co-operate with this company on any project on a commercial, market basis,' he said. 'The final decision on the afore-mentioned projects will be taken as soon as possible,' he added.

Riko is well-known in Belarus due to the projects it has carried out in wood processing, in upgrading Belarus's leading manufacturing companies, the President said. The President has also emphasized the importance of this Slovenian company's involvement in social projects in Belarus, in particular the support it has been providing to children's sport movement in this country. 'This may be a small contribution, but it makes for a good start,' said the Head of State. He has also thanked the Slovenian businessmen for co-operating with the Belarusian National Olympic Committee.

Riko Group has been present in the Belarusian market since 2001 when it got its business accreditation in Belarus.


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