Russia criticizes Belarus for Saakhashvili's TV appearance

The speaker of the Russian parliament Friday criticized Belarus for permitting Georgian President Mikheil Saakhashvili to appear on Belorussian television.

"He was given an opportunity to go on Belorussian television, which I see as an unfriendly step towards Russia," Speaker Boris Gryzlov said.

The speaker said that there was nothing to talk about with Saakhashvili and any thaw in relations would be possible only with another Georgian president.

Saakhashvili announced Thursday on Belorussian television that he did not understand Russia's claims.

Moscow refused to have any business with Georgia's president after the armed conflict in 2008, when Georgian forces attacked Russian peacemakers and destroyed the capital of Southern Ossetia.

South Ossetia was seeking for independence from Georgia. Russia sent troops into the republic to protect locals, where many residents hold Russian citizenship.


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