Ukrainian singer Inna Voronova successfully starts at contest in Belarus

Ukrainian representative Inna Voronova during her performance in the first day of the pop song contest Slavianki Bazaar gained 80 scores out of 90, according to the newspaper Segodnya (Today).

Inna Voronova performed cover version of one of the songs of Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. During the second day of the contest Inna, accompanied by the Belarus National Concert Orchestra, will sing a lyrical composition, written just for this event. Taisia Povaliy, who was awarded the Grand Prix of the Vitebsk contest in 1993, is one of the judges. XIX International Art Festival Slavianski Bazaar started on July 7. Performances of the famous singers such as Taisia Povaliy, Mykola Hnatiuk, Olha Nahorna, Mila Nitich, etc. are scheduled for the special action, called the Day of Ukraine, within this festival.


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