Belarus will create a "black list" of sites

The intention of the authorities, it will help protect the Belarusian Internet users, including at their own request, from the prohibition of the dissemination of information - extremism, violence, pornography and the like.

According to the joint decision of the Ministry of Communications Republic of Belarus and Operative Analysis Centre under the President of Belarus, such lists will be two - public and private. The first will include Internet resources, registered in the national segment of the Internet, and the second, which will be visible only suppliers of Internet services, all other unwanted resources. With lists will be available on site inspections Telecommunications (BelGIE).

This list of banned sites is formed not only by authorized entities. To help in its drafting can and citizens who are required to submit relevant proposals to state bodies. It is mandatory to unwanted sites will be blocked in state institutions, as well as in educational institutions, and culture. As for ordinary users, so long as Internet censorship may be exercised only by their personal request. It is assumed that the system should work with restrictions on Sept. 1, 2010.

The restrictions imposed under the decree signed in February, Alexander Lukashenko, "On the national segment of the Internet", most of which came into force on 1 July. The text of the decree was criticized as the Belarusian media community, and international human rights organizations, including the OSCE, who believe that the decree is aimed at blocking the opposition Web resources during the election. Earlier, the Belarusian authorities have initiated a state registration of Internet resources. Corporate banking in the area. By were ordered to go on a national hosting. Among other things access to the web in Internet cafes and clubs, it was decided to provide only those who produce documents.


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