Software Outsourcing Development In Belarus: Advantages And Disadvantages

By: David Vagner

Automation, improvement and speed, these are certain points that defines the superiority of software development today. Outsourcing software development is a kind of outsourcing in which the jobs of software development are transferred to offshore countries like Belarus. With increasing competition and demand of effectiveness and speed, software development processes are getting more sophisticated with the combination of trusted old and swift advance technologies. Mainly companies in USA and Europe transfer software development job to Belarus, Russia or other Asian countries. And in order to stay class apart and favorite to their customers, more and more companies are thinking of outsourcing software development meeting closely what their highly particular business requires. Some of the ultimate benefits and advantages of outsourcing given here can definitely boost up your belief in outsourcing.

In Belarus offshore software development has some advantages and also some disadvantages.

Advantages of offshore software development in Belarus

Cost factor enjoys being the foremost and preferred reason for the fame of software development outsourcing. Start up companies prefers to invest least amount of money as they have to set up many things at their infancy to grow up. Thus, outsourcing clicks them at the first moment. It will not only help them grow financially while saving money through outsourcing but also give access to modern infrastructure and skilled manpower. Outsourcing software development in Belarus resolves this problem. Along with the cheap labor Belarussian software professionals are so skilled and high mental level persons. This is the main reason that the US and Europe companies transfer their jobs in Belarus. By offshoring their jobs the companies will save a lot of money (around 60%). In US the average salary of software developer is $21000 per year. In Belarus the salary of software developer is too less in comparison to US or Europe.

Superior quality, affordable prices, assured winning results, what else a company needs to stand out in the market. Credited to these benefits, offshore outsourcing is proving outstandingly money-spinning for companies that are making use of it.

Disadvantages offshore software development in Belarus

There also some disadvantages of offshore software outsourcing in Belarus. Many outsourcing business fail due to business misunderstanding. Usually new companies are unable to understand the process of outsourcing software and fails before grow.

Offshore software development industry in Belarus is still new, young and largely unproven. However there are also lots of success stories which prove Belarussian offshoring is best.

Another disadvantage is that outsourcing in Belarus can also prove to be a threat to the security and confidentiality of issues of a company. If company is outsourcing business process such as payroll, email accounts or social numbers, confidential information such as salary will be known to the outsourcing service provider. Therefore one must be very careful and precise in choosing which business process to outsource and which one not.

Software outsourcing may also result into the possible loss of flexibility in reacting to changing business conditions, lack of internal and external customer focus and sharing cost savings. Loss of internally generated talent is yet another problem associated with the outsourcing as it may hamper the growth of an employee by depriving him from the experience he would have gained by handling the business issue himself then by passing it over to some other external party.