Moldova resumes wine materials supplies to Belarus

CHISINAU, April 12 (Itar-Tass) - Moldova has resumed supplies of its wine materials to Belarus, Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry told journalists on Thursday.

A recently established joint venture Moldbelvin is the authorized provider. However, bottled wine deliveries have not resumed so far.

Any company that has presented to the Moldova-Vin agriculture and industry agency contracts with foreign partners can export wine materials. Such Moldovan companies as Cazayak-Vin, Zhemchuzhina, Vinaria Bostavan have already jumped at the opportunity.

Moldova suspended the export of wine materials to Belarus on January 1. This move was part of a package of measures aimed at improving quality and strengthening of control over wine production in the country.

In response, Belarus suspended the import of bottled wines from Moldova. The export was resumed after Moldova's parliament called off the initiative.

In 2006, Belarus imported from Moldova 36-million-dollars worth wine products. It spent 1.17 million dollars on bottled wine, 2.13 on wine materials, 27,360 dollars on sparkling wines, and 54,600 on brandies.