Belarus: Dmitry Koldun participates in an online conference by BTRC

Stella Kosmas reporting from Heraklion (Greece)

TVR.BY REPORTS: To ask Dmitry Koldun questions about his creative activity, religion, family and "Eurovision". Today Belarusian participant of "Eurovision-2007" took part in an on-line conference held at Belteleradiocompany's website. Veronika Perepelkina: Over 300 questions were asked during the conference. Virtual talk about music, religion, love, magic and hobbies. It turned out that just Hollywood starts Dmitry Koldun would like to work also over own fashion line. (Dmitry Koldun, Belarusian participant of "Eurovision-2007")

However the upcoming "Eurovision" was the main theme of the conversation. (Dmitry Koldun, Belarusian participant of "Eurovision-2007") Successful promo tour, quality music video and popular "Work Your Magic" song - Belarusian team are getting ready well. (Dmitry Koldun, Belarusian participant of "Eurovision-2007") Over one hour of the conference Dmitry Koldun manage to talk to many parts of the world. People wished him luck and success. Fans asked him to perform in their town and even schools.