Belarus to find those responsible for diesel oil leak from Unezha-Ventspils pipeline

Belarusian emergency ministry is taking actions to minimize consequences of an accident on Unezha-Ventspils oil pipeline and find those responsible for the accident, first deputy emergency minister Valentin Karpitsky announced at a news conference today, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

According to the official, technical examination of the pipeline is being conducted now and its final results are not known yet, but one can surely say that there has been no unsanctioned cutting-in into the pipeline. Karpitsky also noted that the Nature and Environment Protection Ministry is determining the sum of economic damage caused by the environmental accident. "Those responsible for the accident will be paying the damage caused to Belarus and Latvia," the official said. "The pipeline has its administrator, who will face the claims for compensations."

Earlier, about 100 tons of diesel oil leaked from the pipeline in Belarus because of an accident on March 26. Most of the leaked oil got to the Ulla River in 14 km from the place where it flows into Daugava River. On March 26, Lithuanian State Fire Service sent about 80 kg of sorbent to Latvia to liquidate consequences of the accident.