Belarus to Demand Russian Compensation for Fuel Spill

Excerpt from report by Belarusian TV on 5 April

[Presenter] The exact amount of the damage that Belarus will ask a Russian company, the owner of the Unecha-Ventspils pipeline, to pay will be known within the coming days. Emergencies Minister Enver Baryyew said this today. It should be recalled that spilled oil products covered the territory of more than two hectares in Vitsebsk Region on 23 March due to a pipe burst. The fuel got into the River Ulla and the Western Dvina. The consequences of the disaster have been practically eliminated. Rescuers are liquidating small oil patches on the Ulla river. The director-general of the Russian company which owns the pipeline has already contacted the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry for talks on the compensation.

[Baryyew] We will be able to calculate the damage to our country's environment after all work aimed at liquidating the consequences of this disaster has been completed. Certainly, there is the specific owner of the pipeline, on which the accident happened. Probably, all issues dealing with the compensation of the damage and the expenses [on the liquidation of the fuel spill] will be addressed to the owner.

[Passage omitted: Baryyew was speaking before opening a sports tournament.]