Belarus: the suspension of import of meat has led to reduction of production

24.04.2007 10:36 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) - The suspension of import of meat to Belarus has forced to reduce three times output of the largest Belarus manufacturer of meat products.

The foreign enterprise " Eieiooa < located in a free economic zone "Brest", has been compelled(forced) to reduce three times output because of absence of the raw material which has developed owing to a suspension of import of meat to Belarus. If the situation in the near future will not change, the enterprise soon will be actually compelled(forced) to stop the activity. The first deputy director of the enterprise Michael Torgovtsev has told about it(this) in interview to journalists.

As he said, the decision on a suspension of import of meat for the processing enterprises located in territory of free economic zones of Belarus, was accepted 17 more March. Executing this decision, management of veterinary science of the Ministry of Agriculture and the foodstuffs has directed the instruction on stay of import on iia?aie?ii-veterinary items(points) of meat from Poland and other states for uncertain term. To support(maintain) the market, the enterprise now works in the reduced mode; the remained stocks of meat for processing will suffice for 7-10 days.

If the interdiction on import of pork and fowl for Belarus myasopererabatyvayushchikh the enterprises will not be excellent(cancelled), we cannot compete in the markets of Russia and Ukraine on which about 85 % of production made by us are delivered. The program of our output(exit) on the markets of Kazakhstan and Moldova will be broken also. Besides for default of contracts to our enterprise penal sanctions " can be applied, - has noted M. of Dealers.