Belarus: the agriculture plays the important role in economy

23.04.2007 13:07 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) - " The agriculture continues to play one their basic roles in economy of Belarus <, - minister of statistics and the analysis of republic Vladimir Zinovsky has declared at press conference in Minsk.

As he said, on results I of quarter the share of an agriculture in total amount of republican gross national product now makes 4 % though in the best years of Soviet Union reached 12 %.

Realization of cattle on slaughter has increased for the considered(examined) period on 9,8 %, birds - on 8,5 %. That is, it is realized from the beginning of 2007 already more than 238 thousand 900 t cattle and a bird on slaughter (in alive weight).

As a whole in Belarus the volume of manufacture of agricultural products in facilities(economy) of all categories in yanvare-March has made in the current prices 1 trln 729,7 billion Belarus roubles, that in the comparable prices for 4,4 % it is more in comparison with the similar period of 2006.

And, despite of it, it was possible to not admit(allow) falling of quantity(amount) of large horned livestock in facilities(economy) though similar it was predicted in connection with a rise in prices on energy carriers. The given number even has increased for the considered(examined) period on 52 thousand goals(heads), or on 1,4 % to initial volume.

Manufacture of milk for I quarter 2007 has made 1 million t, that on 8,5 % more than the similar period of the last year, eggs - 549,4 million pieces (on 0,6 % it is less). It, in opinion of Century Zinovskogo, testifies to the kept tendency of growth of efficiency of animals of republic. However it - not the unique tendencies testifying to a proceeding growth of agricultural branch of Belarus. One of primary factors which have promoted it(this), became normal, lost-free, an output(exit) of winter crops from winter that was promoted, in turn, by improbably warm winter. It(she) has enabled agriculture of republic and winter crops to not lose, and for power resources in time to pay.

Besides it(this), growth of manufacture of hothouse production on 5 % in comparison with the similar period of the last year has helped(assisted) agriculture of Belarus to not lose a significant part of profit even in spite of the fact that now it is necessary to pay for power resources more, than in the past to year.

Helps(Assists) an agriculture of Belarus to develop and social sphere at which development the state program of revival sold now in republic and developments of village is aimed. In its(her) frameworks for I quarter 2007 in rural settlements and small city settlements it is put into operation more than 500 thousand kv. M of habitation that will promote fastening of young experts in a countryside. And occurrence in each of erected agrogorodkov welfare projects promotes also to the organization of leisure of youth, that, in turn, is a superfluous occasion to not move in city.

Tighten the given branch and adjacent spheres - in particular, for I quarter 2007 manufacture of potash fertilizers in Belarus has grown by the similar period of the last year in 1,5 times, continues to grow and manufacture of tractors and sedelnykh tractors.

However and the quantity(amount) of the unprofitable organizations there meanwhile remains to enough greater(big) - 10,7 % from total of the working enterprises, against 2,3 % as a whole on economy of republic. It is practically unique factor, influencing that now the wage level in an agriculture considerably lags behind from srednerespublikanskogo (315 thousand Belarus roubles against 614 thousand on the average on republic and 1 million 100 thousand Belarus roubles in the most highly paid branch of republic - oil refining.) also that figure also does not please, that as of today in total amount of the delayed debts in Belarus of 23,4 % it is necessary on an agriculture.

Though, according to the ministry of statistics and the analysis of republic, as a whole the volume of manufacture in selkhozorganizatsiyakh and country (farmer) facilities(economy) for January-March, 2007 has grown on 7,2 % against growth on 14,8 % for I quarter 2006. Thus the volume of manufacture in facilities(economy) of the population for 3 months 2007 was reduced to 7,3 % against decrease(reduction) on 5,9 % for January-March of the last year.

And reserves of growth of agricultural branch of economy of Belarus will be kept still long, considers(counts) Century Zinovsky.

For 5 years average nadoj milk on the cow on republic has increased with 2,5 thousand l up to 4 thousand while the Central European parameter reaches(achieves) 8-10 thousand l ", - the official has explained.

It is necessary to note and that the agriculture of Belarus to the greatest degree, in comparison with other branches of economy of republic, suffers from postscripts in statistical otchetnostyakh. And the most widespread infringement in statistical otchetnostyakh is preschedule translation(transfer) telenka in the cow or the bull. It, in opinion of Century Zinovskogo, is the certificate of banal impreparation of accounting workers. And it(this) is served, in turn, as the reason by that highly skilled economists still in the majority up to village do not reach, and remain to work in city, motivating the choice as household claims.

However, in the latter case workers of agricultural branch of republic do not lose optimism as the state program of revival sold now in republic and developments of village is aimed just at liquidation of this blank. Besides it(this), now within the limits of the specified program training seminars for accounting workers of a countryside of republic are spent.

Also in the ministry of statistics and the analysis of Belarus test hope that the control over the statistical reporting in republic is adjusted rather rigid, for its(her) distortion various kinds of the responsibility, depending on the proved degree of self-interest iskazhatelya are stipulated.