Belarus KGB Threatens Youth activist

Two weeks ago Belarus KGB workers warned the activist of the BPF Party Hanna Miadzvedzeva about the possibility of her criminal persecution for cooperation with the organizations that have no registration on the territory of Belarus. The matter was that Hanna coordinated the youth seminars that were held in Poland.In her interview with RFE/RL the activist said that her personal case was passed to the rector's office of Minsk State Linguistic University for expulsion. 'They tried to intimidate me with punishment under two articles of the criminal code. The second, 'distribution of information that can be used for provoking mass riot', can result in imprisonment: They also asked to give to them the list of the persons who went to Warsaw. I answered that I had no such lists. Then they told me to sign the commitment not to cooperate with unregistered organizations, which I refused to do,' Hanna Miadzvedzeva added.

The dean of the faculty of Spanish language Mikhail Litsyn explained to RFE/RL that Hanna can be expelled from the university for having missed many classes.