In Belarus on fields the tractor on biofuel works

19.04.2007 09:40 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) - In Belarus in area Postavskom (Vitebsk area) on fields SPK the tractor first in republic on biofuel works, chairman of committee on an agriculture and the foodstuffs Vitebsk oblispolkoma Leonid Pleshko has told, transfers(transmits) BELTA.

Before a sowing campaign the facilities(economy) has bought(purchased) a German tractor , as fuel for which serves rapsovoe oil(butter). According to landowners, work of a new tractor nothing differs from tractors on diesel fuel. Manufacture of oil(butter) is adjusted in most SPK . On the import equipment while it is developed(produced) about 130 kg of oil(butter) at an o'clock, however its(his) capacities(powers) allow to make more than 500 kg at an o'clock. Oil(butter) almost in 2 times is cheaper some usual fuel.

As has noted L.Pleshko, in Vitebsk area the question of manufacture of biofuel from maslosemyan rapsa with attraction of the foreign investor is considered(examined). In it(this) to year in the field of there will be poseyano 50 thousand in hectares of this maslenichnoj cultures.