Oman, Belarus signed agreement on bilateral trade

by Tarique

Muscat, April 16 (NNN-ONA) Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and Belarus Chamber of Trade and Industry (BCTI) signed an agreement on joint cooperation on Sunday.

The agreement was signed by Salim bin Said al-Ghattami, OCCI Chairman, and the Belarus Chairman of Chamber of Trade and Industry.

Al-Ghattami stated that the agreement stressed on encouraging trade and investment cooperation between the Sultanate and Belarus by establishing comprehensive economic relations between the private sector's establishments, firms, and businessmen in both countries, exchanging information data, books, printed matters which lend support towards promotion of joint economic work, keenness on exchanging expertise, technologies and experiments in various economic spheres of joint interest, and encouraging exchanging of trade delegations between the two countries.

He told Oman News Agency (ONA) that the agreement also stressed on participation in exhibitions and conferences organized by each side; as well as, investing in setting up economic ventures between businessmen and investors in the two friendly countries.

Al-Ghattami hoped that the agreement would open up wider horizons for businessmen in both countries to promote economic relations, since the private sector in Belarus has good potentials and is of advance level from which the Omani private sector might benefit.

Al-Ghattami, at the outset of the session, underlined the importance of the visit of president Alexander Lukashenko, of Belarus to the Sultanate and accompanying delegation, which he said, would provide businessmen and private sector's establishments and companies in the two countries with the opportunities to acquaint themselves with cooperation opportunities, availed partnership and mechanism of join action in forthcoming stage which would witnesses tangible progress in relations between the two countries.

He reiterated interest of OCCI and the Omani private sector to develop cooperation with the chamber of trade and industry and private sector in Belarus by utilizing availed opportunities, particularly that the Sultanate has prepared investment environment by formulating investment legislations, and providing incentives and potentials necessary to attract foreign investment.

He urged Omani and Belarusian businessmen to benefit from available incentives, facilities, investment opportunities, and availed partnership by setting up joint ventures which would contribute in enhancing trade exchange between the two countries intensify mutual visits of trade delegation, promoting products of each country, exchange of expertise and experiment in matters of joint interest.

On his turn, the Belarus Chamber's Chairman of Trade and Industry, expressed his delight over his visit to the Sultanate and meeting OCCI's Board's members, businessmen, representatives of Oman's private sector's establishments, to work towards enhancing trade and economic bands on the wake of the current relations between the two countries which would allow the opportunity to enhance economic cooperation in industries, commercial and agricultural, tourism, export and re export sectors.

The Chairman of the Chamber of Trade and Industry in Belarus reiterated the Chamber's and companies readiness to cooperate with the Omani private sector in order to setting up specialized companies in several economic fields. He reiterated that the Chamber of Trade and Industry in Belarus will provide facilities and incentives to make cooperation with the Sultanate successful.

He extended invitation to OCCI and private sector to visit Belarus to discuss ways of enhancing join cooperation.

On his turn, Khalil bin Abdullah al-Khunji, the honorary consular of Belarus to the Sultanate, described relations between the two countries as advanced relations. He hoped that the visit would contribute to activating trade, and tourist activities between the Sultanate and Belarus.

The meeting was attended by a number of OCCI's board's members, Omani businessmen, representatives of Omani private sector, members of the Belarusian delegation currently visiting the Sultanate, and comprising representatives of companies working in trucks fields, electronic industries, laser technologies and security equipment.