India, Belarus sign six agreements

New Delhi, April 16, IRNA

India-Belarus business cooperation received a fresh impetus Monday with the signing of six B2B (Bilateral Business) agreements in various sectors such as heavy mining equipment, machine tools and steel sector.

The agreements were signed here in the presence of India's Minister of State for Industry, Dr. Ashwani Kumar and the Belarus Minister of Industry, Anatoly M. Rusetsky at the Fourth Meeting of the India Belarus Joint Business Council organised by Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Belarus and Indian companies that signed MoUs are: BelAZ and Dhansar Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.; BelAZ and G S Atwal & Co.; BelAZ and Subron Construction; BelAZ and Power Tools & Appliances Co. Ltd; Belstankoinstruments and Power Tools & Appliances Co. Ltd; and Belarus Metallurgical Works (BMZ) and Adair Dutt & Company (I) Pvt. Ltd.

BelAZ is a world leader in manufacture of heavy mining equipment, while Belstankoinstruments and Belarus Metallurgical Works (BMZ) specialize in machine tools and steel making, respectively.