Belarussians do not want to leave Libya - situation is normal

Only the gullible "Westerners" are fleeing Libya due to disinformation and shocking rumours on Jazeera TV and other MSM, as per usual. Those who know to trust only people they know can be trusted: fellow compatriots, direct witnesses and reports, are staying behind. Here another such direct on-the-ground report.

Part of the Belarussian citizens working in Libya before the riot, is not going to leave this country. According to them, the situation in Tripoli and Ghadames, where they live, is normal, shops are open, as are kindergartens and schools, including mobile communications and the Internet, reports

According to incomplete statistics, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus says at the beginning of an escalation of tensions in Libya there were more than 100 citizens from the European country.

Part of the Belarussian citizens were not prepared for evacuation, some - refused at the last moment. So, the question of the evacuation of Belarussian doctors located in Ghadames, is until there is any change: the situation there continues to be calm, clashes are not occurring. was able to talk on Skype with the Belarussian citizen Julia, who is now in Tripoli with her child. According to Julia, February 23, she could not go out of Libya to Moscow, after waiting for a plane with a baby in the afternoon until three in the morning.

"The aircraft they have did not pick us up, people were waiting in the street [due to the crowd in the small airport of Tripoli], in the end they just turned around and left" - says a friend of Julie. "But they say the situation there (in Tripoli) is stabilized, they have [reconnected] mobile communications, the Internet, have opened even gardens.

Julia herself in correspondence with the editors on February 24 said that she no longer wants to leave, but a sleepless night in anticipation of an aircraft wasn't a great memory.

"All is calm! True, the weather is very great! I can not hear shots! The Belarussian embassy phoned me last night! They, too, confirmed that all is quiet! And [they should know even better] because they are in the middle [of the city]!"

Julia does not want to leave and is not going.

"Listening to the news, [you would think] Tripoli is in ruins. There was a heated situation [previously] in the [city] center, but without air attacks on civilians (as was claimed by foreign media), and now everything is fine! Media have created particular confusion in this situation! Particularly in the Libya channel of Al-Jazeera!"

The Belarusian portal was also able to connect via Skype with Ghadames. A citizen of the Republic of Belarus, who lives there, said that "if the situation does not deteriorate, the majority of Belarussians would like to stay here." According to her, all is quiet in Ghadames: "Shops are open, no one shoots. In connection with such events we are watching for our safety in the dark trying not to go [out in the dark just in case]. The local population (who have to communicate) to us is normal.

According to unofficial information in the Libyan hospital in the town of Ghadames there are 63 people from Belarus working there - doctors and nurses.


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