Parliament to condemn Lukashenko regime

MPs will vote in Warsaw today on a motion calling on the government to take action against President Alexander Lukashenko's repressive regime in Belarus and the falsification of December's presidential election results.

"We strongly demand that the Belarusian authorities immediately release all detainees and stop political repression," reads the draft resolution.

Poland has already announced a travel ban for top Belarusian officials in the wake of mass arrests and prison sentences given to opposition activists.

Yesterday, according to the web site, President Lukashenko said he was willing to use the army to protect his regime from overthrow, though he would only take such measures in "exceptional circumstances".

Speaking on the Day of Motherland's Defenders and the Armed Forces of Belarus, Lukashenko said "Numerous foreign invaders, bursting to enslave and destroy Belarus, have vanished and become history due to the fact that patriots have always been ready to fight for every inch of their native land to the last drop of blood. Heroic warriors are honoured in our country as righteous, who gave their lives for their Motherland,"

He also claimed his country was a "model of security and stability".


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