Russia does not support European measures against Belarus

The restrictive measures imposed by the European Union against Belarus are counterproductive, Russia's ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov told Interfax on Tuesday.

"Any measures aimed at isolating a state, be it Belarus or any other country, are counterproductive, and certainly we do not support them," the Russian diplomat said.

"No, we do not like everything that is going on in Belarus either. And we are saying it openly, including in straightforward conversations with our Belarusian colleagues and friends. But restrictive measures are not the right path to follow," Chizhov said.

Asked whether European partners are going to raise the issues concerning the second trial against Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev and the lawyer Sergei Magnitsky case with the Russian governmental delegation led by Vladimir Putin in Brussels, the diplomat said that, "these issues will be outlined," though not as matters of high priority, he said.

As regards the European Parliament resolution on the state of rule of law in Russia Chizhov said that "the European Parliament is making very many resolutions."

"None of them is legally binding for enforcement structures. While the Lisbon Treaty has strengthened the competence of the European Parliament, their own ideas about their own competence have increased in a geometric progression," Chizhov said.


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