Lukashenko says his country was target of pre-paid foreign conspiracy

MINSK, February 21 (Itar-Tass) -- Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko has reiterated that his country was a target of conspiracy pre-paid by foreign intelligence services during the presidential election.

"The events of December 19 once again confirmed that a real conspiracy had been staged against our country. It was sponsored by foreign secret services, while the role of rank-and-file performers was assigned to local political leaders," he said on Monday, during a visit to an engineer brigade.

Lukashenko said that a huge part of the funding had poured in from Germany and Poland, as well as through other states.

"It was also there that plans for the overthrow of the government program in our country were being drawn up," he said, adding that there were real facts based on "documents and testimonies by those who organized all this."

Lukashenko said that the authorities in that situation defended the constitutional order and independence of the country, and that the people by and large responded with understanding to the authorities' actions.

He stressed that the policy of blackmail and double standards in relation to Belarus was absolutely hopeless. Lukashenko recalled that his country had survived all sorts of political, economic, and propaganda campaigns.

"We were constantly predicted our collapse and failure, but the forecasts of those fortune-tellers have never come true. If someone else is eager to teach us the basics of economics and public construction, our advice to them is to take it easy and not to meddle with their lecturing. May they better settle the acute social conflicts in their own countries," Lukashenko said.


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