Expected imports of 15,000t of butter from Belarus to impact Ukrainian market, say experts

The government's plans to import 15,000 tonnes of butter from Belarus will have a negative impact on the domestic market, according to experts.

"If butter is imported from Belarus, domestic producers will stop production or start producing other products," the president of the Union of Dairy Companies of Ukraine, Lidia Karpenko, said at the fourth Food Industry Forum 2011 held in Kyiv on Thursday.

She said that Belarusian butter should not be imported, taking into account large stocks of butter already in Ukraine.

The expert said that from March Ukraine traditionally boost milk production and dairy products output grows.

The president of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, Leonid Kozachenko, also said that imports of Belarusian butter would negatively influence the domestic market.

"Ukraine has an excess of butter. If we start importing it from Belarus and force down prices, we'll cause the stoppage Ukrainian production facilities," he said.

Kozachenko said that the Ukrainian Economic Development and Trade Ministry earlier said that the ministry plans to import 15,000 tonnes of butter from Belarus.


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