U.S. and Europe join hands against Belarus's Leader

By Slobodan.Markovic

The aspect of the corruption has spread among the people and there are lots of aspects that have been a cause of worry for the people. And to add to the misery there are reports that the election for the Presidential post of the Belarus had been rigged. This is news that is being closely followed by the media and this is indeed an aspect that must be dealt with carefully. The EU and the USA on Monday did impose a sanction against Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, the President and also too many other officials for the broad crackdown on the opposition on the charge of rigged election last year.

The aspect of the corruption in the election is not a new thing and this is indeed a process that must be kept in mind and addressed in time as well, in order to make sure that the process is addressed in time. Corruption in the election is mainly done to capture power and bring power in one hand this is one aspect and must be dealt with strongly and hence the aspect of the crackdown is nothing new and rightly the perpetrators should be brought to book.

Under the order of the sanction the President will be completely prohibited from entering the EU or the USA and moreover the assets and wealth held in that country will be completely confiscated and frozen by the countries government authorities.

The Minister of the Foreign Affairs, Belarus has been very consistent and methodical about the criticism about forbidding the President to enter USA and EU.

The EU and USA did respond to the criticism saying that the situation was such that they had to react in that fashion and hence the issue must be treated as one of the incidents where the authorities had to be strict.


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