Belarus to boost steel cord output to 150000 tonnes a year

Belarusian Telegraph Agency quoted Mr Ivan Demidovich first deputy industry minister of Belarus as saying that the production of steel cord in Belarus will increase to 150,000 tonnes a year.

The project to increase metal cord production at the Belarusian Steel Works is under development now. It will be implemented in the current five year period. To date the Belarusian Steel Works produces 100,000 tonnes of metal cord a year, the plant's output is set to reach 150,000 tonnes.

Mr Ivan Demidovich mentioned other innovation projects, which will be implemented in the current 5 year period. One of them is the project to build a flat steel plant. There are plans to revamp other metallurgy plants.

Mr Ivan Demidovich said that the production of caterpillar tractors was established at the Mozyr Machine Building Plant. The plant started the serial production of caterpillar tractors. There are plans to produce 1,000 tractors a year. He added that "We hope this will ensure good export and MTZ development."

Minsk Automobile Plant starts manufacturing cabins, thus the plant can penetrate new markets and strengthen positions on the existing ones. Gomselmash is developing conceptually new hi tech grain harvesters with the capacity of 20 tonnes of grain per hour.


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